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Or are you already confident you can outsmart and out-text not only the game’s expert word champions, but play live heads-up rounds with other players, including playing games with friends? We know you will love this fast paced, text battle word game! It’s one of the best free to download, free to play games, and that makes for endless free fun!

All you have to do is come up with bigger words and type them faster than your opponent. Well, think again - it’s pretty simple in the beginning while you are learning, but it doesn’t stay that way for long. Every word you use generally has to start with the same letter that the your opponents previous word ended with, and on many levels specific letters are required to be used or simply removed from the keyboard entirely! If you’re at a loss for a word that fits the criteria established for you, just use the Auto Complete feature for some suggestions.

Whichever Fred they prefer, I’m happy people are still watching and enjoying everything we made!

LC: When I started doing Fred, You Tube was only like a year old and people were figuring out what it was going to be.

LC: We’ve made a bunch of great stuff including one-off videos, music, and short series.

There are channels crossing this threshold every week, and each has a story to tell about You Tube success.

Read previous installments of Currently, there are 871 You Tube channels with at least one million subscribers. The You Tube home of Lucas Cruikshank‘s polarizing, screechy-voiced character was the first channel to ever achieve a seven-digit subscriber count.

After becoming one of You Tube’s first stars, Cruikshank became one of the first You Tubers to make it to TV when debuted on Nickelodeon.

I think Fred helped You Tube develop as a medium into what it is today.

It’s a lot more of a community now and a lot more personality driven.

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