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You would be staying in contact with friends constantly, so the need to visit a site like Friends Reunited disappeared.

In 2007, the use of Facebook expanded beyond students and started to be the "in site" on the web and everyone who was anyone became a member.

I have a little personal experience of selling an internet company to an "old media" company who didn't quite understand the web and ultimately didn't capitalise on its potential. G-Wizz, the Granada owned portal and internet service provider closed in 2001 and ITV hadn't properly launched

There was certainly no streamed content and no online revenue.

It mirrored the £330m takeover of social network My Space by the Rupert Murdoch-owned News Corporation.

Arguably it was ITV's management of the site that led to today's annoucement that it was looking for a buyer.

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Sure, the channel paid well over the odds, but it was one of the most visited and hottest British websites back in 2005.

But during 2006, while Michael Grade was chief executive, there was an even bigger explosion in social networking.

Bebo, the British-founded site began to take market share away from Friends Reunited, primarily because it didn't charge a fee in order to maximise the use of the site.

At the time of acquisition it was a hot social network, but its massive revenues were from subscriptions rather than from advertising.

You had to pay in order to get the contact details of the friends you were reunited with via the website.

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