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” I could cull a million great examples out of my own adventures with auto-correct but it’s much less embarrassing to share other people’s texting fails with you.Yes, there are a million websites dedicated to this subject but I feel there is a place for this article.#23 A hundred miles away and you’re still here right in my heart. #26 I was thinking of you today, while I was doing some math problems, but there weren’t enough spaces on the calculator to work out how much I love you. I want to get inside you five times a day, and fly you to heaven and back. [Read: The best naughty texting games to have fun all night long] #37 Tired out. #27 The next time you see your parents, send them my sincerest gratitude. #30 I want triplets, you want twins, let’s go to bed, and see who wins. #33 This email is a group message being sent from our company to all 10/10 beauties in your area. #35 If Einstein was such a genius, how come he didn’t invent a time machine so he could come and see you? The aim here is to cut out the lame stuff leaving you with just the best of the best.

The examples given here are in no way a substitute for face-to face-interaction.God knows I prob have half a dozen on my own phone that I could add to the collection! Here’s the problem with websites that collect funny text messages – you have to wade through a million moderately funny or obviously fake text messages to get to the real gems.Here is a funny collection of some text messages gone bad! I know you have seen this before, but I figured when I come across them I will update this page.

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