Harmony 1100 remote not updating

The company later changed its name to Intrigue Technologies and was located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Computer peripheral manufacturer Logitech acquired it in May 2004 for US million, turning Harmony remotes into a worldwide phenomenon.

This also allows Logitech to survey their market in order to determine products for investigation and research.

The lowest-budget version of the Harmony remote, which can control up to 8 devices in particular categories, and supports only one activity: Watch TV.

The remote software allows users to update the remote configuration, learn IR commands, and upgrade the remote control's firmware.

Early versions of the remote software required a web browser; newer versions are Java-based.

And of course the Harmony 1100 contains a lithium-ion battery and is rechargeable, so you never have to replace the batteries.

The Harmony 1100 is, like the 1000 before it, an RF-capable remote.

We're excited to test it out and see how well it performs in one of our reference systems.In addition to the customizable touch screen, the Harmony 1100 offers simple details that also make it easy to use, such as tactile guides, which are located around the touch screen and help position your fingers so that you choose the right command.The brushed-black aluminum top case and soft-touch bottom case make it comfortable to hold.Featuring fully redesigned software, the QVA resolution (320x240) 3.5-inch touch-sensitive screen the new Harmony allows users to select the commands they use most and put those features on the screen.If you love to watch movies, for example, and are always using the Play and Pause buttons, you can tell the Harmony 1100 to make those commands immediately available on the screen once you start your movie.

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Each remote has infrared (IR) learning capability (some later models also include RF support), and can upload information about a new remote to an online device database. All Harmony remotes support one-touch activity based control, which allows control of multiple devices at once.

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