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Henry Cloud reveals the "secret things of God" -- secrets about God, about happiness, about relationships, and about your purpose.

These tested spiritual truths reveal principles that make life work.

However, to achieve more, we need to take in more of the right ingredients such as wisdom, grace, insight and support.

Growth Skills helps people take in the ingredients they need and live the life intended for them.

He explains why dating shouldn't be just a hunt for a mate, and what you can do to date successfully.

Even though he's "accountable to a board," he's really not.

Harris said that it is more appropriate and healthier in the long run to participate in "group dates" in order to truly understand the way a particular person interacts with others; in a group setting, a person is less likely to be able to maintain a façade.

Harris proposed a system of courtship that involved the parents of both parties to a greater degree than is usual in conventional dating.

In our workshops, you will receive wisdom, insight and practical application from Drs. Their ability to present complex topics in an enlightening, humorous, interactive lecture is unparalleled.

You will also experience the power of a small group lead by highly skilled facilitators.

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