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Though in other parts of life being picky can be problematic, when you’re part of the dating scene, this is one of the best qualities to have.If a guy doesn’t meet all of your wants and needs, at least the reasonable ones, don’t hesitate to move on from him.To break the pattern of reeling in the wrong men, make sure that your confidence is high and that you love yourself before committing to any new dates or men.

Though you may be more inclined to listen to other voices and thoughts, the truth is that your gut instinct is typically the one that is right.

Before you accept any future dates, take a step back and look at the men you have been dating recently. Figure out if there are any patterns, and if there are, work on breaking them.

Are there any patterns or specific traits that seem to be attracting you to these men? When you’re in the beginning stages of getting to know a man, always keep your end goal in mind.

Settling is a temporary patch, and it usually makes you feel worse than you did single.

Often times, women who find themselves attracted to the wrong men are suffering from a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem.

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