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There must be a service center within 50 miles (one way) of any location in the state.If a driver lives more than 50 miles from a service center, the BAIID company may use a mobile unit to travel to a location within 50 miles of the driver.Other Penalties The Repeat Offender laws include other penalties, in addition to metal plate confiscation and registration denial.There may be driver license suspensions or revocations, an ignition interlock device may be required, and there may be mandatory substance abuse treatment.COST: The State of Michigan does not regulate the cost of BAIIDs.

If that service is not done, the BAIID will go into a "lock-out" mode, and the vehicle cannot be operated. until MVD receives proof of a functioning interlock in each motor vehicle you operate, even though you may not be the registered owner (see ... Applying for Title and Registration FAQ - Motor Vehicle Division Driver Services FAQ License Information ... If you choose to switch vehicles or manufactures, once the device is removed you have 72 hours to get ......There may also be vehicle immobilization or forfeiture.Repeat Offenders who cause an accident that results in long-term injury or death may be charged with a felony..

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