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After studying photography and printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute, Harold began studying acting at the suggestion of writer and producer Susie Landau Finch, who at the time was working at American Zoetrope. Randy's ex Brian attempt to out them went over most peoples heads but those of us that realize the truth got it.After three years of training and theatre work, Harold was cast and starred for five years as "Brian Kinney", the lead ... As much as Gale is obsessed with Randy his friend Stephen Kijak is obsessed with Gale.

That behavior only makes people believe that really was something between them. Gale and Randy are probably awkward at these fan gatherings because they know they are being ogled.Just watched all of gale's scenes in that indie 'low fidelity' and I have to say - he was terrible!His acting was 'affected' and contrived and as for the kissing scenes - he got to make out with 2 gorgeous actresses so where was the passion?!I think he is self- destructive and this has had an impact on his career.I would so, so, so, so, so much rather see Gale Harold than Leo in anything. Edgar Hoover, would have been better in Django, and might actually get me to see the new Leo movie in a theatre, something I haven't done since 2006.

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The person/people who peddle it never even bother to explain how they know these things to be true, so yes, it does sound like someone's fan fiction. GH could play Di Caprio roles better than Di Caprio??

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  1. It’s all about giving her the right signals that you would like something more from her when you’ve decided that she’s a good match for you. Don’t sit with her for ages going through all her problems when you’re only doing so to get more from her. Be a straight talker and one that portrays their intentions directly.