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Not a day goes by without thinking about him we cry and miss you every day Dad we love you! We spoke briefly one day if I can recall in 2006 when we saw each other on the subway one morning when I was going to work. -Matthew Klees(Click to view)Geoffrey Reno, born 12 January 1960, died 14 August 1993 in Livonia, Wayne, Michigan, USAOur Remembrance Very loving and funny person. They sometimes cry and sometimes hide their tears(Click to view)Ellie Soutter, born 25-Jul-2000, died 25-Jul-2018 in Les Gets, Haute-Savoie, France And England, United Kingdom Our Remembrance Bronze Medalist at the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival in Snowboarding (Click to view)Charles Eric Moulton, born 14 December 1965, died 25 February 1996 in Winthrop, Massachusetts, United States Our Remembrance Always missed still by so many, Chuckie. With all of our Love, your family xoxox(Click to view)Cody Rader, born 23 January 1998, died 15 June 2015 in Dallas, Georgia, USAOur Remembrance Our beloved son and brother.

Never in my mind could I forsee suicide in his future. Many of us just like you go through so much daily stress and depression but suicide is not the answer. talk to a friend,family member, pastor or even a stranger online if thats all you can reach out too, But please don't count yourself out and give up in this journey in life. Geoffrey will always be remembered as that passionate person who just couldn't find his place in the world, so he went to a place where he could find peace. Many years have gone by since you left and still you help so many. You were full of so much love and kindness and always put a smile on everyone's face.

She was a Sunday school teacher and an entrepreneur.

She ran a couple of businesses and one of those businesses was running a shelter/Inn for rabbits that she felt needed a place to stay when their owners went out of town, knowing that dogs and cats were cared for..knew rabbits were not given the same consideration.

She lost her battle with Bipolar when she dove off of a second floor balcony.(Click to view)Everett Mello, born , died 23 August 2010 in Rhode Island, United States Our Remembrancemy son was 13 years old when he decided that he didn\'t want to live in this world anymore.

For many many years my father drank his guilt away and watched our family fall apart over our own grief. (Click to view)Dillon Michael Branson, born 07 December 1990, died 16 July 2010 in Golden, Colorado Our Remembrance In loving memory of Dillon Michael Branson. We miss your smile, your laugh, your wit (and sarcasm), your sharp mind, but most of all, we miss you terribly, our hearts are broken and will never be the same.

After my father ended his life I found information that devastated me and when I questioned another family member and they confirmed it was true, I lost it. We love you, honey.(Click to view)Hunter Hickey, born 22 March 2017, died 01 January 2016 in Perryville, Arkansas Our Remembrance My son Hunter shot himself while 3 times over legal limit of alcohol. I wish I could go back and start over and teach him the love of our heavenly father and fill him with the love of the holy spirit.

She was an amazing daughter, friend, athlete, student, and person.

She gave so much of herself to others, always loving, supporting, and laughing along the way.

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I am so grief stricken over what could have been the best years of our life together. I will keep your memory and spirit alive for as long as I live!!!!! I love you so much Mom (Click to view)Alex Delfakis, born 23 January 1968, died 27 March 2010 in Rathdrum, Idaho USAOur Remembrance We will always remember you and cherish the memories we are left with, you are forever in our hearts, until we meet again in heaven Alex. Melanie, Cristina, Ana and Sophie(Click to view)Johnnie Ramsey, born , died 14 April 1994 in Pleasanton, Kansas, USAOur Remembrance Oh Dad the things you have missed!! Every night I go to bed I wisper, \"You are still my brother, and I am still your sister\". She was funny and I still laugh at some of her answers to questions on surveys that I\'m so glad I saved.

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