Julia roberts and brad pitt dating

The dubious source added that Pitt and Roberts are reportedly perfect for each other and have a "whole lot of love and respect" for one another.

The report also claimed that Pitt and Roberts had always had a "strong connection" with each other, but the two drifted apart after the actor dated and married Jolie.

(Also note that he uses his right hand to stow the revolver but the orientation of the hand, especially the thumb, would indicate a left hand.For starters, the actress isn’t having marriage problems. Just last week, of her and the cinematographer kissing in their car after picking up burgers from In-N-Out. The rumor-debunking site confirmed with Pitt's rep that all the rumors are "absurd" and the actor is definitely not dating Roberts.Contrary to NW's claims, Roberts seems to be happy with her marriage with Moder.

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James Gandofini (Winston Baldry) previously starred in 8MM (1999).

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