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Many of us are familiar with ancient legends from various cultures around the world concerning a golden age of humankind.These legends are accompanied by legends of a lost civilization which had great technological and mystical power, accounts of flying machines and ancient and terrible weapons, which could destroy entire civilizations.But reader beware, the information within this treatise is of a nature known in toto only to a handful of people in this world.Amongst the information within this treatise is of the most esoteric and occult nature concerning Atlantis the ancient Aryan race and the Third Reich.Likewise, if you choose to accept and proclaim the truth within these pages you will find yourself amongst the growing ranks of social pariah unable to express the truth locked inside them to family, friends, or the public at large without fear of being alienated or even persecuted for attempt to share their enlightenment.

Join me in heralding this new dawn for our people and awakening the spirit of European Aryans everywhere, from the lowest walks of life to the highest. Introduction: During the twentieth century humankind witnessed the quickest leap in human knowledge and technology ever in recorded history.

The present invention relates to a particularly convenient medium for providing contrast enhancement and/or distension of the subject body or organ cavity during imaging, radiographic, visualization, or other similar medical examinations, including ultrasound, endoscopic examinations, MRI, x-ray, hystero-salpingograms, CT scans, and similar procedures.

The present invention provides the contrast enhancement and/or distends the body or organ cavity without constant leakage of the medium or the resulting need to constantly or repeatedly infuse additional medium.

The lies, which predominantly white/Aryan nations have been indoctrinated to hold true through social engineering for decades will be dispelled like an evil mist before your eyes and you will be set free of the psycho-spiritual prison in which you now reside…if you choose to accept it.

This acceptance will require a total paradigm shift for most, a radical mental reprogramming that can make the most powerful of men cower in fear…fear of the radical kind of change that will bring about a total transformation of one’s way of life, ones relationship with others, and how one views their place in the world.

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