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In the sports hut, Lisa, Cracker, Tom and Matt have all written a dare and forfeit on a piece of paper, which are then placed in an envelope.

Tom explains that the person who draws the shortest straw, has to do a dare and if the dare goes wrong or they chicken out, they have to do a forfeit.

Lisa believes Tom did the only sensible thing and Lisa asks Cracker and Matt not to have a go at Tom on Monday.

Tom tells Lisa that they have to get Alec, but Lisa is adamant that she isn't taking part in anything violent and Tom says he's blown that option.

In Miss Carver's class, Miss Carver is explaining about the school counsellors and Gemma, who came in late, asks Lisa what Miss Carver was on about and Lisa says it was about the school counsellors people could go to with a problem.

Alec chases after Lisa, Matt and Tom, who all outsmart him with confusion.Lisa notices a group of schoolboys wearing red hats and that gives Lisa inspiration for her dare, so she buys 3 red caps.At lunch, Lisa asks for more custard with her tart.Matt asks about Cracker and Lisa says he can't run as fast.Lisa tells them to keep their eye out for Alec, who goes to do his toilet duties in a matter of minutes.

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In History, Matt says he isn't feeling well and Cracker says he needs to barf and Miss Holmes thinks he means a bath, but Lisa says he needs to throw up.

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