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George was thus easily talked out of following his first inclination to marry a commoner and, after he succeeded to the throne in 1760, talked into marrying a plain but suitable German princess, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Prinny ignored his father’s advice to make only necessary repairs, however, and embarked on a budget-busting program of continuous redecoration.

(Because the 1701 Act of Settlement required the royal family to marry Protestants, German princesses were almost the only possible choices.) The two met for the first time on 8 September 1761, and were married five hours later; they were crowned on 22 September. He also allied himself with the politician Charles James Fox and his Whig cronies—primarily to irk the King and his Tory government, but also because the Whigs were “the original party animals” in more senses than one.

Biographies of Prinny by Hibbert, Smith, and Parissien make strenuous efforts to present a balanced portrait.

In particular, they note his role as royal patron of the arts, as well as the support he provided (both intentionally and through indecision) for pursuing the Napoleonic War to its conclusion.

The next morning, however, she fled for the Continent.

George III’s first attack of madness began in autumn 1788. Marie Sprayberry (email: [email protected]) is Regional Coordinator for JASNA Syracuse and a three-time winner of the JASNA AGM quiz.She works from her Syracuse home for NYC-based Guilford Publications, Inc., which publishes texts in mental health, self-help, education, and other disciplines.The “newlyweds” rarely resided under the same roof, however, and Prinny continued to regard himself as unmarried whenever it suited him.By 1786, Prinny’s debts for Carlton House refurbishment, stables, gambling, entertainment, tailoring, and Mrs. The problems with translating monetary values from that era to ours are well known, but Mr.

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(For example, he would be largely unable to create peerages, award pensions, or make official appointments.) In any case, the King was declared out of danger by February 1789, before this bill could be passed—and Prinny emerged with an even more tarnished reputation. Instead, she liked to flirt, brazenly and without subtlety of manner, and it was rumoured that her governess followed her around at dances to prevent her embarrassing herself “by indecent conversations with men.” (3-4) Worst of all, the Princess was conspicuous for her body odor even in this unwashed age, whereas Prinny himself, a noted dandy, was unusually fastidious.

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