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In Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, the beautiful jaguar is always on the lookout to discover something new, and she is Alex's romantic interest in the film.

At first like Vitaly, she doesn't trust Alex or his friends, but decides to give them a shot and lets them inside their train and letting them change the circus to "Americano" style.

She is generally kind and also passionate about trapeze. She defends her circus friends of any threat or insult, an example is when Alex unintentionally made fun of Vitaly, the fatherlike figure of Gia, which made her instantly mad. She eventually seems to develop romantic feelings for Alex after they bond practising Trapeze.

Gia is a trapeze performer in Circus Zaragoza and a very passionate actor on the trapeze, who respects her fellow performers as family and friends.

Her act with Alex and the trapeze plants herself even closer to the lion.

But their cover is blown by Du Bois' arrival, although the penguins manage to get rid of her.

Vitaly tries to convince his comrades to work on a solo act, but nobody would.

But when she hears Alex's improvised speech, she is spurred into the "Fur Power" works.Gia is first seen with Vitaly the tiger and Stefano the sea lion, all heading to the circus while Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman were trying to escape animal control.Gia lets the Four on the circus train after a dazed Alex convinces her that they are circus animals.She seems to look at Stefano as a good friend, possibly like a little brother figure, while Vitaly is like a father figure.She is also known as good-tempered, independent, accountable, gentle, intelligent and athletic. She is a little more thoughtful than the other circus performers, as she cares deeply for the circus, and she's beautiful. She acts as a moral compass for the circus and protects her friends but also opens them up to new experiences.

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