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In this day and age, such affections are generally interpreted as marks of instability rather than honorable commitment.Also, most girls are looking for something with more empathetic depth to it. We live in a world caught between secularism and religious fundamentalism.I am taking up my post, alongside many wiser souls, as a low ranking messenger boy in the fight to establish a third path.This sort of relationship does not work with most girls, even the intelligent eccentric ones that catch my attention.

The logical conclusion from this is that we should use reason to negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement (say if I am affectionately told to get packing).This is the extent to which I understand how to relate to people.Any relationship outside of this framework is meaningless to me.This is not something that happens in the short time schedule that I operate on.Furthermore, even in those situations in which I fail to turn someone away very quickly, the relationship still fails in the long term once the person realizes that I am not capable of developing such an empathetic relationship.

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I am a rational and tolerant person, who respects the fact that other people have different and equally valid personalities from mine.

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