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Anyway, I tend to mistrust the correlations that people make between the city that they live in and the sex that they have.I’m referring to that old yarn about how difficult it is to find love in San Francisco, where the men are passive and the women wear fleece, or the one that says all the real men live in New York, while Miami is teeming with skilled seductresses.There's also near-constant strong language (mostly "f--k" and "s--t").Parents whose mature teens do see the film can take the opportunity to discuss everything from casual sex and online dating to the difference between a job and a career.I, on the other hand, left this small, blue-collar town in eastern Pennsylvania early and spent my adult life bouncing between big cities on both coasts.In Sacramento, I fell in love with the man who was to become my husband, moved into his house, and got engaged.Adults, particularly Elliot and Nico, drink -- at bars, meals, out of a bottle -- and smoke lots of weed.

And I was there at the church when she pledged her life to him three years later.

As part of a bucket list, central couple engages in a threesome; the three parties are shown kissing on a bed.

Safe sex, condom use are discussed; in one scene, a couple shops for emergency contraception.

Shows how you can't really "take back" something hurtful that's said.

Lots of conversation about job you take solely for paycheck vs. A 23-year-old suffers from the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Elliot gets angry at passersby staring at him, yells/swears at them. Lots of conversations about, references to casual sex, online dating/hookups; sex scenes.

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In Philadelphia, the two of us rented a brownstone, ate out constantly, socialized with other couples, and took the train to New York.

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