Paid dating sites in australia

I love spring and summer but not to fond of winter.

I love to swim at most places and am happiest when making other people laugh.

My ideal partner would be a happy and confident person.

Loyal, caring, respectful, fun, sense of humour and passionate.

What I am looking for: I’m looking for someone who will be interested in getting to know me better.

I also love snuggling up with the right man by my side.What I am looking for: Tall, Confident but not cocky,reliable,loving,respectful and must be a good communicator.Be a man when he needs to be,someone with good morals,understanding,a good leader,the list goes on lol.My favourite foods are chocolate and any type of chocolate bars. a bit of a free spirit and no what I want out of life.I love chilling out watching netflix shows and eating pizza. Im low maintenance and don\'t need a lot to be happy.

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