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I am so sorry I didn't see these reviews until it was too late and I'd already signed up.... So I requested to cancel as per my right and in the contract, it is mentioned that if you do that within 14 days, you… Read Full Review Abysmal - they sent me the same people appearing multiple times in emails, my matches had nothing in common with me, and in the whole of London only 46 people matched me - that's nuts!

Read Full Review The service itself is pretty poor - with very limited search functionality and seems to propose very unsuitable matches. Every communication I had with Parship basically said everything was my fault, it took days to reply to things, and the level of rudeness in customer service in general was astonishing - being told that "people your age want to have children so you will have to remove 'I don't want children' from your filter" - I…

I complained and asked for refund and they have charged me almost the same as the cost because I did too much contact ... Read Full Review Here is exactly what they wrote back to me after requesting an annulment the oder within the 14 day 'cooling-off' period- ————————————————————————————- Wir berechnen Ihnen also folgenden Wertersatz: Ihr Produktpreis: 239,40 EUR (ohne eventuelle Aufschläge für Teilzahlungen) Laufzeit Ihres Produkts (Monate): 12 Laufzeitbezogene garantierte Kontakte: 7 Davon zustande gekommene Kontakte: 8 Bereits von Ihnen gezahlt: 239,40 EUR …

I keep getting an email saying 'news on yer profile'... Nothing more than repeated reference to a single profle that was sent to me first, more than a year ago. They took an automatic subscription renewal from me last year, after I stopped using the site, without warning or notification.

I chose not to renew my membership, stopped using the site and am now getting emails form a debt collection agency based in the Netherlands.

I regret using it and I would like to warn others to avoid at all costs.

I am sorry to hear that you no longer wish to use PARSHIP. Read Full Review I am having a horrendous experience with Parship!

Read Full Review I canceled my membership from the site after 6 days because I couldn’t see the men’s pictures (and therefore I couldn’t tell if I liked the men or not) and they are refusing to reimburse me,although they had stated that members have 14 days to change their minds. Here is a copy and paste of their email to me: Parship by Email on Dear Ms., Thank you for your e-mail.

Read Full Review Maybe I was just very lucky but I met someone with my first contact, both I and my new partner were serious about looking for someone special and we are both now very happy together.

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Furthermore one cancellation letter is not sufficient a confirmation of the cancellation is required. Read Full Review I like the design of the site, went on a few dates before actually finding the one!

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