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Unless you’ve been willfully ignoring all pop culture since 1962, then you probably know who Paul Mc Cartney is.

One of the creative forces that made The Beatles one of the biggest musical groups ever has lived almost his whole life in front of a camera.

6, 1989 Paul Mc Cartney was busy recording throughout the 1980s, but it took him the better part of the decade to hit the road for a tour.

The folks behind the Grammy Awards thought differently.Authorities caught Paul Mc Cartney with marijuana in his suitcase as Wings entered the country for a tour.The police threw him in jail, the band canceled the tour, and he was deported back to England.To seal the deal, Paul Mc Cartney filed a lawsuit to officially break up the band.It was an acrimonious split that required years of legal wrangling, but by 1975 it was official — The Beatles were no more. 1, 1972 A creative talent like Paul Mc Cartney can’t be stifled, so after The Beatles called it a day, it didn’t take long for him to get back to work.

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