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This practice may be criticized and looked down upon, but if you think about it, these members are merely into a different kind of dating game.Majority of the members of Open Minded are either legally married or are registered as couples.Signing up for an account on Open Minded takes only a couple of minutes of your time.First, you will be asked for your email, username, and nominated password.Matching helps Open Minded members to show their true self through their answers to the questions, and see if they are a match in terms of character and personality.Profiles on Open Minded show little details about a member.Openness and respect are the top two qualities that every Open Minded members should have.This is because the dating site caters to married individuals and couples who are trying to find a unique, mutual arrangement or relationship with other individuals and couples.

All your photo uploads undergo an approval process.We tried looking for an online dating platform where we can exactly find what we’re looking for without the judgments from other people.We found Open Minded, and we signed-up almost immediately.However, a paid membership will let you see who’s viewed your profile and who has put you in their Favorites list, which could help you gauge a person’s interest in you. Answering the questions lets you see other users’ responses to the same questions, and see if you and that particular member are a match when it comes to certain views and perspectives The Matching questions vary in terms of topics.There are situational questions, which gives insights into your behavior or how you deal with things.

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Nevertheless, if one wishes to see who the member is—personality and character—you can look at his or her answers to the Matching questions.

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