Pro and cons of internet dating

All the information you need about the person of your interest is right in front of you.

Way easier than trying to chat someone up in a bar without having any knowledge on that person, right?

It is good to have some things in common with someone, but it is really about complementing each other. S., more than 49 million people have tried online dating.

It might be that you are not a good match with someone who fits your preferred profile, and that you are missing out on other great dates. This means you will have a lot of people to choose from when you are trying to find love on the Internet.

There are loads of different online dating platforms available, with many different target audiences.This show lets you take a look into the lives of mentally and physically disabled people who are trying to find real love.The participants have to create an online profile on a dating platform and can then be matched with other users of the platform.Whether you are plus sized or skinny, straight or gay, a teenager or a senior, looking for a spouse or looking for an affair: there is a possibility for you to find your future partner online.One of my favorite TV-shows is ‘The Undateables’, which was aired on TLC.

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