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But there was a book called “Turned On: Decorative Lamps of the 50s” written by Leland and Crystal Payton in 1989, about different kinds of lamps from the 1950s.

There were so many in that book that were really tacky.

Mark Stevens discusses the history and varieties of collectible 1950s TV (television) lamps.

Based in Fort Worth, Mark can be reached via his website, Texans Incorporated, which is a member of our Hall of Fame.

She said they were made right down the highway and that she used to work there.

She told us that Howard Kron was the designer, but that the other designer who worked with him, Richard Gunter, was still around and lived near Dallas, and she gave me his phone number.

That the lamp would diffuse the light a little bit and keep people from going blind or whatever they thought would happen.

It’s hard to explain what a shock this was, this was all stuff that the pottery collecting world had no knowledge of, and there’s a lot of people who collect pottery of all types and vintage lamps, and none of them had a clue.

Occasionally one of those lamps would also have a stamp on the bottom that said Texans Inc. That struck me as odd, I was so far from believing that a large pottery would have existed that made TV lamps in Texas that it blinded me to the obvious.

A pottery is a big production, if there is a pottery in your town, you know it.

: As I collected TV lamps I discovered an interest in historical research that I didn’t really know was in me.

I got really curious about the different companies that made the lamps.

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They were made by at least 100 manufacturers, probably many more. I started acquiring the lamps as I found them and it just kept growing, now I have somewhere around 300 to 350 lamps.

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