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Reunited in Rouen after a pained separation, Oscar Wilde and his young lover Alfred “Bosie” Douglas adjourn to the privacy of a small, dim, chintzily decorated hotel room. and just like that, “The Happy Prince” hits us with a cutaway to a train going through a tunnel.Cribbed shamelessly from Hitchcock, it’s the kind of lightly saucy visual gag you might expect in a film directed by waggish thesp Rupert Everett, but its daintiness strikes a false note in a biopic otherwise dedicated to the honest passions and anguish of a man best known for his archness.

“The Happy Prince” gains some heated, enlivening pique when it touches on the subject of Wilde’s continued homophobic bullying by onlookers and the system alike, played in terms that still strike an anxious chord in 2018.At points, Everett rather touchingly essays the protective irony that endures in a spirit otherwise crumpled by heartbreak, imprisonment and public shaming; he moves with the shambling body language of a larger-than-life man now doing his level best not to be seen.As a final, permanent showcase for a role Everett was born to play, then, “The Happy Prince” does the job.The €26m ( million) series is produced by Italian production company Palomar, the firm behind , which is set in the Middle Ages, was previously made into a feature film starring Christian Slater and Sean Connery and directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud in 1986.The story follows Franciscan monk William of Baskerville and his apprentice Adso who witness a series of murders at a secluded monastery in the Alps.

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