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Stanhope's Goal was to Conceal his Treasonous Actions and Prevent any Adverse Disclosures that would have Harmed his Business Ventures.

Despite Stanhope's best efforts Callen, backed by Sam and Kensi Succeeded in Arresting Stanhope, finally Ending the Case for Good.

In the Season One Finale, Callen tracks down a Woman named Amy Taylor (ńee Callen) who initially claims to be His Older Sister, but then admits her Real Name is actually Hannah Lawson, and that she was Friends with the Real Amy Callen when they Lived in an Orphanage Together.

The Real Amy had Died at the Age of 11 when the Two Friends Sneaked Out at night to play in the Nearby River, and Amy had been swept away in an Accident.

When Hannah Returned, she slept in Amy's Bed, and the Authorities there never realized what had happened.

When Amy's Body was Found a Month Later, she was Buried under Hannah's Name as the Authorities didn't know any better.

Hannah was able to keep the whole thing a secret, until Callen discovered he had a sister and went looking for her, only to find Hannah instead.

She presented them with a false Death Certificate, but the head of The Comescu Family did not believe her, and Hetty was wounded in the process of being rescued by Callen, Sam, Deeks, and Kensi.

In the 100th Episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, a man pretending to be his Father Michael Reinhardt was kidnapped, where a message was left at the Scene: "Callen we have your father." Throughout the rpisode, many pictures of Callen from when he was younger were shown.

However, at the end of Episode: Legend (Part 2), Callen was Wounded in a Drive-By Shooting that Sam also happened to the Witness and in the next Episode: Semper Fidelis, was Described as being in Critical Condition.

Four Months Later, Callen Returned to his Duties in the Premiere Episode: Identity, and became the Special Agent-In-Charge of The OSP Team.

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