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Durante le procedure chirurgiche di resezione mandibolare, la preservazione del nervo alveolare inferiore (NAI) è auspicabile nella patologia benigna.

In questo studio pilota prospettico, riportiamo la nostra esperienza nell’uso di una dima di taglio customizzata per la rapida preservazione del nervo alveolare inferiore (RICS).

The virtual planning files were verified using MAGICS software (Materialise).

The STL files of the cutting guides and the RICS template were additively printed using the SLS FORMIGA P110 system (Electro-Optical Systems Gmb H, Krailling, Germany) by SINTAC s.r.l., Biomedical Engineering (Trento, Italy).

In order to preserve the IAN, nerve exteriorisation can be executed. With the advent of computer-assisted surgery (CAS), virtual surgical planning and CAD/CAM-fabrication of exteriorisation templated becomes possible. Between November 2016 and January 2018, 5 patients affected by locally advanced or relapsed benign diseases, for a total of 7 IAN exteriorisations, were included. Virtual planning began with the acquisition of a high-resolution CT-scan of the craniofacial region and of the lower leg or ankle as a donor site.

The aim of this pilot study was to investigate if the use of CAD/CAM-fabricated exteriorisation templates is feasible and can contribute to reduce operation time and the incidence of nerve damage. Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) format data were processed using the simulation software.

Five patients affected by benign mandibular pathology were included. The average time of exteriorisation was 23 minutes.

All exteriorisations were performed successfully and no damage to the neuro-vascular bundle occurred.

Virtual surgical planning (VSP) of the template is based on a 3D model obtained from the elaboration of DICOM files of the preoperative CT scan.

The exteriorisation guide was planned based on the projection of the nerve on the outer surface of the mandible.

All templates featured at least two stabilisation flanges.

B: Outlining of the IAN on the outer cortex of the mandibular canal. The procedure featured the creation of a surgical access and the exposure of the mandible to an extent permitting template positioning.

The mental foramen and its nerve were identified, and the RICS template was positioned ().

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