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Adults of all ages participate, looking good matters, and players tend to have good jobs and fertile imaginations. “We are just about being who we are, but we are all living in the closet.People are worried about losing their jobs, their kids,” said Bitti, who along with her husband is so enthusiastic about the lifestyle that they are one of the lead couples on a Playboy Channel show called “Swing.” Bitti is so very out about the lifestyle, in part, to help drag it closer to the mainstream.Members and guests come to the facility not necessarily to have sex, but to “go out to a club without kids,” he said.“No thumping music, no bar fights.” “I think there is less sex here than in the parking lot of the Stampede (nightclub) on any night,” he said.It’s not something that is routinely tracked by academics with big budgets for data collection.The largest study, conducted in 2000 by Bellarmine University sociologists Curtis Bergstrand and Jennifer Blevins Williams, found that 84 percent of swingers are married couples or in relationships and had been together for a little more than 10 years.“It’s hard for some people to get all of their needs met in one relationship.In America, everybody assumes we are monogamous and that’s the only way to live.” Exploring the lifestyle is not for everybody, he said.

Nearby businesses are tapped for additional parking.

“It’s to experience something that is hot, erotic, interesting, and keeps your sexual life together alive and growing.” Bitti said the lifestyle includes emissaries from nearly every demographic — cops, teachers, CEOs and the rest of us.

And where the caricatured swinger is a potbellied, middle-aged dolt out for some easy action, the reality is less unsettling, she said. Like other swingers, Bitti calls people who are outside of the lifestyle “vanilla” and laments that her multiflavored approach to relationships remains relatively subterranean.

The stigmas still thrive, even in Colorado, but they appear to be eroding, said Denver sex therapist Neil Cannon.

“There are more people who are willing to find more creative solutions to how to make their marriage or relationship work,” he said.

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  1. I suppose that if you spend enough time here, eventually you’ll find a girl or two to chat up and try to sext with, but honestly, I think the place works best when you just want to swap pictures with other porno fans and shoot the shit.