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The basic principles of recovery practiced by SAA are found in the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.Although we are not affiliated with AA or with any other organization or agency, we are, indeed, grateful for permission to modify and apply the Steps and Traditions to sex addiction, making recovery possible for us.You have been warned to not enter this or contribute to this thread If you need a post removed click on it's [Report] button and follow the instruction.If you like this website please support us by donating with Bitcoins at 16m Ktb Ziw W52BLkibt Cr8j Ug2KVUMTx VQ5 All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective parties. You're going to start stressing the fuck out, your blood pressure will triple, and you'll have a fucking heart attack. I'm going to run your utility bills up so fucking high that you can't pay them.In that setting we heard stories similar to ours and realized that recovery from our problem was possible.

It's survival of the fittest and you ain't gonna survive long on 4chan by saying stupid jokes that your little hugbox cuntsucking reddit friends would upboat. All these devices will be traced and owners of the device may be detained and questioned.

Yes I'm, replying to you because you're a female /b/tard ('tis an awesome thing to see).2. Dont be intimidated, but I'm not a stereotypical guy.

692542455You look like my ex, she was a fucking psycho. Lemme give you a tip so you can make it in this cyber sanctuary: never make jokes like that. I just want you to know how easily I could fucking destroy your pathetic excuse of a life, but how I'd rather go to a great fucking length to make sure your last remaining days are spent in a living, breathing fucking hell.

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I'll turn your cable box on and order 20 pay per view channels at once, and I'll pick up your phone and dial a pay-per-minute sex line in Japan.

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