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The night had all this energy, and she was into me right now and I took her to the house. What a weird feeling, I got a girl in my house and here is my sister, and in the worst way I want to chat with my sister. "Just a sec." I sat at the table looking at my sister ready to chat, and then glancing up at my girlfriend not girlfriend sitting across from me. Not really girlfriend, but we had messed around a bit. I never thought of her in any kind of sexual way until one particular evening on the phone. We talked some more, but there was something odd about her. S: Just li'l ole me, on my bed, sleepy and undressed, my hand covering my lady cake B: Lady Cake - HA.

Just a sec." More rustling around and then she is back on the line. S: I would, haha if I weren't your widow sister B: Tell me about this guy, what you mean not what you expect. B: Put your panties on S: your awful B: I want to picture you all horny AND pink. It's almost like eating myself, come to think of it. Well, just a sec." I could hear her put the phone down.

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My little sister moved out of the house when I turned 20, while I stayed put.

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