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Siwon is estimated to have a net worth of 35.6 Million in 2016.

My Lady(2010) Athena: Goddess of War(2010) Poseidon(2011) Skip Beat(2011) Fall In Love With You Again(2012) The King of Dramas(2012) Billion Dollar Heir(2015) Masked Prosecutor(2015) She Was Pretty(2015) Dramaworld(2016) SBS Drama Awards – New Star Award(2010) 4th Men’s Health Cool Guy Awards – Best Cover Magazine(2010) 11th Annual Soompi Awards – Best Bromance / Idol Actor of the Year(2016) Siwon has an estimated net worth of million in 2014. His famous quotes are “You do not need to be an elf from the beginning, but you need to be an elf until the end.” 17.

Fans are already assuming that they are dating because why would she be close to Choi’s sister if they weren’t dating? Liu’s agency still says that Liu is single and waiting for the right guy, but many people believe that there is something going on between Liu and Choi. He is also the most popular member in Thailand, and is dubbed by fans as the “Prince of Thai.” 4.

Once in an interview, when Liu was asked if they are really both dating, Liu dropped hints here and there about a dinner that Choi will buy for everybody. Item: Bible Drink: Coke Season: Spring Sports: Taekwondo and Basketball Food: Waffles Hobby: Photography Numbers: 1 and 7 Musical Instrument: Drums Song: “The Way You Look Tonight” by Tony Bennett Actress: Catherine Zeta Jones Instrument: drum Drink: Coke, expresso Role Model: His father Motto: Will obey the will of God Personality: calm, welcoming Hobby: sleeping, watching movie, Taekwondo 1.

He also starred on the 2015 Hong Kong-Chinese films “Dragon Blade,” “Helios” and “To The Fore.” Siwon enlisted as a conscripted policeman in November of 2015 for his mandatory military service.

As he himself is a very devoted Christian, he serves God and is willing to sacrifice everything for his Saviour.

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Aside from his activities with Super Junior, Siwon pursued his acting career and starred in the dramas “Oh!

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