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With the growing single population in Israel, just like around the world, many are just giving up.But perhaps there is a way, a new method, that will help singles to find the one, and truly meet to marry.There were many times that fit into my schedule and I registered for a couple of them. Instead of making fun of me, they asked for the phone number of the place. Not all of us had picked the same event but there were some matches. Seems I already compete with those friends for dates. No matter what, if I got a date, they chose me for who I am and the same with me. I simply enjoy the time and find it a nice way not to spend Friday night at home alone.

It’s hard to know where to go to meet other singles and have fun.

It can compare with going to a bar, sitting down across from someone that appears to be alone and having a conversation. Continue reading Did you sit at home alone another weekend? I have in the past spent many nights home alone with my best friend, Roscoe. I know I personally always want to know what a person does for a living.

No date or single friends to go out and enjoy the weekend with? Not that it would make me not want to date them, but there are some it would. Continue reading I always say that you can look in your local classifieds or online for a speed dating site happening near you, so I gave it a try. Continue reading There are times we all need a little help when it comes to finding a date.

And then I bottomed out after all of those wrong relationships and dating.

I had a big breakthrough that set me on a new path where I turned inward in a new way that changed everything for me.

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With this new wisdom and new “way of being” I created my own method--one that contracted a lot of the conventional, well intended yet bad dating advice that I’d been receiving--and got myself on a new and inspired path to meeting and marrying my most amazing husband and partner, Michael, 11 years ago.

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