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With great young players and seasoned veterans like this tandem the WNBA is in good hands.Next season they will be fueled by the sting of being swept in the WNBA Finals, while being competitively close enough to feel the every lasting glow of all time greatness that can only be attained by actually winning a championship.Mc Coughtry was also third in steals in both the regular season and on the playoffs meaning she was dominant on both ends of the floor.

Why is this young and relatively new pairing on a list of All-Time greats?

Basketball is a game of roles and responsibilities.

The "role" of "star" is no more important than the essential role of "grunt" who grabs boards, blocks shots and takes great pride in knocking you on your keister should you dare to venture into "their paint." Without either, there can be no winning. In all those years many people have tried to build teams in many different ways.

The Storm would need every point to hold off the charge of the fresh young star and the peaking veteran in her prime.

Mc Coughtry and Castro-Marques were second and seventh in scoring in the regular season and second and tenth in scoring in the playoffs respectively.

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The only thing the Monarchs did particularly well from an offensive stand point was score more than 62 points.

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