The dating game tales from the trenches

Anyway, the girl instructs us to sit around the bar, a girl at each station, and the guys are supposed to rotate to each station every time the girl blows the whistle.

The women are arranged around the stations, and for some reason, the whole experience brings me back to learning how to square dance in the sixth grade.

), my mind has been overly focused on New Year’s Eve for some reason this year.

I’ve never had a main squeeze to kiss at midnight, so this week, can I live vicariously through you, friends?

Later I asked Rachel what she thought of the Perv, and the first thing she tells me was, “he was alright, except he totally stared at my boobs THE WHOLE TIME.” NEXT!

So I told myself I wasn’t going to put the guys’ real names on here, just in case, but I have to put this guy’s name because it doesn’t do my story justice.

To get an ending with any single girl you had to have a high score in both these categories, but having a high attraction would still let you “score” mid-game.

There also existed a potion which would raise attraction with one girl but not how much they liked you.

We go back to our booth, and watch as more people arrive (by more, I mean 3 others). I’m kind of disturbed that she had to remind us in great detail the social rules about what constitutes a boyfriend/girlfriend, which seems to be common sense.

Enter a friend who co-owns an indie development studio.

The whole company consists of two programmers, an audio guy, and an artist.

We went into this with no expectations (actually very low expectations, which by the way, Rachel, you owe me money; I was right!

Socially awkward or what I like to call, Aspy engineers galore! Being a Behavior Analyst who works with Autistic children, I should have been in my element being surrounded by so much social awkwardness.

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They mostly make flash games, and the one friend calls me in, asking me to do some focus testing on a dating sim they made that was nearing the end of cycle.

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