The elder scrolls oblivion goranga dating system

Do not loot a guards corpse, but leave them so they look in death as they may have done in life.

This is your chance to join the guards serving in one of Cyrodiil's cities.Perhaps the Orum gang has gone too far and has raided a citizens house, or they have murdered the citizen.It is your duty to maintain law and order, you must put the clues together in order to solve the murder case.If you live in the IC, the Waterfront Shack isn't that great for you, so you should probably live in the "Guard House", a house in the Elven Gardens District, you can live there (has 4 or 5 beds in the Quarters), you can train there, since the basement is equipped for that.Put trophies up on display: Rosethorn Hall is good for this.

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