The introduction of internet dating

Dating websites such as the express the importance of posting a photo alongside your profile, preferable a happy one!

This helps ensure people take the trouble to actually read your profile if they like the look of you.

The information in your profile should be kept simple and honest. (Dr Black, 2003) Dating like many of its rivals offers advice on dating tips and how to find a successful relationship.

They suggest that you become a ‘go-getter’ and don’t just wait for others to respond to your profile but actively seek out profiles of like minded members and beginning posting immediately.

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Many suggest there is a lot you can do to maximise the success of your internet dating experience.

For example, the first thing you need to do is produce a great profile to post online.

It is estimated that around 6 million people in Britain belong to an internet dating site.

Certainly the stigma which was attached to internet dating a few years ago seems to have passed.

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