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But with hundreds or even thousands of people to swipe left and right on, how does one actually find a compatible match to go on a first date with? Darcy Sterling, Tinder’s Dating and Relationships Trend Expert to find out. Ask yourself why you’re on the app Are you looking for marriage, a casual relationship or just a fun dating experience?Once you’ve determined your reason for being there and what you’re looking to get out of the app, you can begin swiping.Slick, intelligent, and career driven, Mik Weaver has it all. What he got was a complicated twenty-something with a shady past. He’s turned to Almega in the past, but since Mik’s been using the app for hookups, he never expected he’d find exactly what he’d been looking for all along. Leo insists that he has the perfect match for him so Mil reluctantly agrees.Slick, intelligent, and career driven, Mik Weaver has it all. How long can you live a lie before it becomes your truth? After all the app did work for his business partner Ram.

Hence, the dating app has identified today as the day when most new matches will actually meet up for the first time (aka First Date Friday).

” The answer to a question like that is going to provide you with information on whether or not you and your date have similar values and what that person prioritizes in their life.

When asking your questions, however, make sure you’re really listening. Sterling agreed that sometimes we really want something to work out, so we ignore major signs or red flags.

It would be so easy to just give in and fall in love. His buddy, Erik, is constantly trying to get him to use Almega so he can meet someone just as Erik did.

But fate has other ideas, and Tyler’s past comes back to haunt him in the worst way imaginable. Mik and Tyler are perfect for each other, but when blackmail threatens everything, Mik has to make a choice between letting Tyler go and facing the truth with an open heart. Tyler finally caves after seeing all his friends around him with partners of their own. Even though they try to convince each other that even though there’s definite chemistry between them, it won’t go further that Tyler being Mik’s arm candy for his different charity events.

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