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Matts older brother Vince delivers a call-girl, Angel, to ...See full summary » Incoming freshmen go through the hazing process at Delta Gamma Nu and that means they need to have sex to be accepted.There is a great cut back and forth between Vince screwing Matt's tutor (Lois Ayres) and Matt rushing to bed with Traci Lords before his parents get back home, the only scenes making this otherwise routine T and A opera watchable.But Tom is forced to come so often, rushed and even bitten, that he should have his male organ insured for personal injury.

Brian Pumper is hot to death, but I heard he's got a lot of diseases.

He also seduces the girl next door (Ginger Lynn) and her mom played by Laurie Smith.

Ron Jeremy also appears in another obnoxious cameo where he appears cute, chubby, and has nothing else to do but voyeur a pair of girls and seduce one completely out of our view.

Matt has a crush on Gloria, who teases him by swimming naked in the pool.

Glorias mother is interested in Matt and seduces him.

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