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These cabs are becoming more rare to find, especially in this condition.This is a similar cab that David Gilmour used on his iconic albums.The Mark II soldiers on as the basis for every model above 20 watts, including the 33 series, Black Dog, and any build that needs to be a 2x10 or a 2x12, as well as all heads across the board.The larger chassis still requires alteration for every build, including adding and/or enlargement of tube sockets.I found I was able to inject the reverb signal on the ground side of the phase inverter, and avoid the signal degradation from doing it the “normal” way, and while it sounds different, it’s effective with it’s own personality.Soon after came the late ‘50s Gibson-inspired bias-vary tremolo, which begs the question why anyone would ever use any other method.At about the same time, a moderate revision to the reverb design eliminated an entire 12AX7, meaning only two 12AX7s (besides the phase inverter) were required for pre-amp, reverb return, reverb send, and tremolo oscillator.Since the pre-amp had always consisted of only a single triode (one-half of a 12AX7), you could take a Sharpie and still trace the original circuit exactly as it was drawn on Serial Number 0001.

For the first 3 years, the Mark III had a solid-state rectifier in order to make the same plate voltage with a small- er power transformer to save space and reduce heat, but later ones were wired for a tube rectifier, and eventually the GZ34 became standard.

the next five numbers are the production number of the piece for the year ..(example) ..

Astatic has no information concerning the serial numbers or the dates of mics, but we can, with a little detective work get some approximations.

Whereas these amps had the tone stack in between two gain stages, the second to make up for the inherent losses in complex tone controls, the ‘59 by contrast had a cathode-follower stage pushing the stack from behind.

Now at this point I’d been building guitar amplifiers for 8 years, Hammonds and Leslies for 12 years before that, and I never had the occasion to delve into the virtues of a cathode-follow- er.

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The first clue is that the element had a date stamp in the early models.

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