Updating hosts file multiple servers

This is useful for "secondary" actions that might be required after running a Task, such as starting a new service after installation or reloading a service after a configuration change. This notifies any Handler named "Start Nginx" after the Task is run.

Then we can create the Handler called "Start Nginx".

One nice thing about Ansible is that it's very easy to convert bash scripts (still a popular way to accomplish configuration management) into Ansible Tasks.It will attempt to connect as the current user it is being run as.If I'm running Ansible as user We can see the output we get from Ansible is some JSON which tells us if the Task made any changes and the result.Playbooks can run multiple Tasks and provide some more advanced functionality that we would miss out on using ad-hoc commands. $ ansible-playbook -s PLAY [local] ****************************************************************** GATHERING FACTS *************************************************************** ok: [] TASK: [Install Nginx] ********************************************************* ok: [] PLAY RECAP ******************************************************************** : ok=2 changed=0 unreachable=0 failed=0 again, and then pass the Playbook file. A Handler is exactly the same as a Task (it can do anything a Task can), but it will run when called by another Task.We get some useful feedback while this runs, including the Tasks Ansible runs and their result. You can think of it as part of an Event system; A Handler will take an action when called by an event it listens for.

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