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Yeah ,of course it'll recompile itself when it called next time. There is no logical column to do partition., I guess the insert into a new table will take considerable time with 27 mil records.. November 12, 2002 - am UTC wait 10 days so that you are deleting 30 million records from a 60 million record table and then this will be much more efficient. 3 million records on an indexed table will take considerable time.There is a chance that INSERT /* append */ select Tom, Recently I had conducted a interview in which one the dba mentioned that they had a table that might conatin 10 million records or might be 1 million.He meant to say they delete the records and some time later the table will be populated again and viceversa.

If you are at the conference, drop into the Groundbreaker area and say Hello. I want to update and commit every time for so many records ( say 10,000 records). Fortunately, you are probably using partitioning so you can do this easily in parallel -- bit by bit.This was a totally new paradigm for the application, and one that saved the entire mission-critical application.The in-place updates would not have worked with the terrabytes of data that we have in our database.This is a "batch" process here, to update millions of records.We need to replace the main ID for all entries in the database which is the PK in about 100 tables, largest of them have about 2 mln rows.

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New and old values for ID are stored in the lookup table, and there about half a million of them.

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