Updating oracle date fields

I'm trying to update one of my Oracle tables using Prepared Statements.

There seems to be a problem with my code when I try to update one of the columns that is a Date field.

I work a lot with Data Warehouse data, where we many times have duplicate data for speed purposes, etc.

And, some times, rater than using a ginormous INSERT or UPDATE statement, I actually build the records first with mostly empty columns, and then fill in a few columns at the time.

First off: The Oracle UPDATE statement is a part of the Oracle DDL (Data Definition Language) that can be used to alter the content or structure of a table in our database.

There is no special class that has to be extended to create a bean.But, you might have to have your DBA activate the schemas, and give you access.Let us start simple, and pretend that the department with id # 20, “Marketing” is from now on going to be named “Customer Relations”.A couple of examples of when I do this is that I built a dynamic contest framework for my company, and also a Commission Calculator for recalculation of commission.These tables were both filled a few columns at the time to achieve the goal.

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Anyhow, in this example, let’s pretend we are going to build a summarized table with order totals for our customers.

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