Updating the root hint

This site tracks the locations of the many root servers, and also provides links to individual operators — some of which provide statistics on root server utilisation.

Somehow I came upon the root hints of my Windows DNS Server today and had a thought to update it. You can find the root hints by right clicking on the server and going to the ‘Root Hints’ tab.

When I updated the server as above and checked this file it hadn’t changed either.

Restarting the DNS service didn’t update the file/ root hints either, so am not sure how this file comes into play).

This file contains the names and IP addresses of the root servers, so the software can bootstrap the DNS resolution process.

For many pieces of software, this list comes built into the software.

I need to have these working as I believe the DNS forwarder is the cause of my RBL blacklists not working in exchange therefore client is getting significant spam.

I put in this IPv4 address into the ‘Copy from Server’ window and my server updated itself with the IP addresses. 3600000 AAAA 203: C27:: ; ; operated by RIPE NCC ; . Get the latest tutorials on Sys Admin, Linux/Unix and open source topics via RSS/XML feed or weekly email newsletter.I noticed that it had missed some of the IPv6 addresses (not sure why, maybe coz it can’t validate these?) but when I did a ‘Copy from Server’ again without removing any existing entries and input in the same IPv4 address and did an update, this time it picked up all the addresses.

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