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I happen to be a freelancer and this is not the ideal scenario for meeting people on a daily basis. It’s all very well meeting strangers, partners of colleagues etc., but there has to be some common ground by which to establish a mutually compatible relationship. Time in which to have the conversations until you get the that "oh my god" moment where you discover you’re both passionate about Formula 1 and your friendship is sealed forever.My tactic is to sign up for and accept invitations to the strangest sounding event; you never know who you might meet and they may end up being a lifelong friend.If you get a recommendation for an estate agent, use it—especially if the agent can identify with your situation and circumstances. I had said from the start that we wouldn’t need a helper—we have no kids and I can’t see why it would be more necessary in Singapore than in London.Helpers If you want to open a can of worms in Singapore then just mention the words, "do you have a helper? The fact is that it’s not really more necessary, it’s just very cheap to have home help.Transcending cultural differences and customs is just a small step to achieve that.Being an expat is a process, one that evolves as you adapt to a new life in a new city. Although my instincts are to plan, plan, plan, it has to be said that allowing flexibility in your plans for the first two months is crucial to your initial experience of settling into a new country.

A few fruit stalls in the market and a few trinket stores amongst the usual chain restaurants that are found everywhere in Singapore.

Most helpers live with the family they work for, quite often in what is called the "bomb shelter" that most homes in Singapore have.

It is a 6' by 6' windowless room, usually off the kitchen where there will be a single bed and perhaps some room for a few personal items.

Buildings are usually air conditioned to within an inch of their life.

If you don’t like air conditioning then a condo on a high floor, or on the East Coast, will provide a much appreciated breeze. It has a ring to it like a quaint English Tudor town. On arrival it shows great promise, a few Asian stores, people about, a general buzz.

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