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Talking about everything is too precious.” Well, I say, she did have a relationship with Johnny Depp and when two famous people get together there will always be interest in that. And, I say, when that couple breaks up, similarly . “Everything I tell you, whether I speak from my heart, it’s never going to . I mean, people forget we are human beings, we have kids. And you are 14 years old, about to become an adult. You’re searching.” In retrospect it made her a stronger person. “It let me do so many amazing things I would never have accomplished at 14.” Maybe, she concedes, being so successful so young “makes you a little less ambitious”.

How could you be so light, given the fact you have no idea what’s going on? Growing up happily in the suburbs of Paris with “the best parents”, both interior decorators, Paradis attended dance classes. In my job it’s not the greatest thing, but this is inevitable and you’d better embrace it.

Vanessa and Johnny were together from 1998 to 2012. She still sings as well as acts, releasing an album last year called Love Songs.But for a long time Paradis was most conspicuous as Johnny Depp’s partner.And, the jury is still out on whether the cut is for a new acting gig or for more personal reasons.Whatever the purpose, Paradis, as always, looks pretty darn wonderful.

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