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Perhaps the most famous porn star of Vietnamese descent is Jayden Lee.

Though she was born in California, her parents are of Vietnamese and Korean descent.

However, the average wait between initial dating and sleeping with their partner was 15 months.

The Vietnamese do not have a reputation for sleeping around or being ‘easy’.

The southeast Asian country of Vietnam has a population of almost 93 million people and shares borders with Laos, Cambodia and China.

The country has been growing in popularity as a tourist destination since freedom of travel was introduced in 1997.

Most women polled were reluctant to tell their partners if they had had sex before them, instead preferring to lie and say that they were virgins at the time.

Virginity in Vietnam has a near sacred status and women are expected to remain ‘unsullied’ until their wedding day.We also look at dating in Vietnam as well as the latest porn viewing trends.Though still officially considered a developing nation, Vietnam is a more forward-thinking and modern country than many would think.There is a Vietnamese saying (used by men) to describe extramarital affairs, ‘’.Pornography and prostitution are both illegal and the law exists to protected traditional Vietnamese values.

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It has one of the highest literacy rates in the world (94.5%) and the lowest unemployment rate of all developing countries.

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