What is validating identity

Authentication Authentication is something unique to the individual that cannot easily be duplicated or repeated by anyone other than the individual.Optical (retina) or facial recognition can provide authentication, but true authentication is more than showing a face on a camera, and the cost of this technology puts it out of reach of most institutions.The DOE relies on accreditation for integrity guidelines in most cases.

The Difference between Academic Integrity and Fraud Prevention The need to introduce authentication measures is not an academic integrity provision, but a fraud prevention requirement.

However, many companies and experts are creating confusion. Identification, validation and authentication are not the same, and they accomplish different goals: Identification Identification is basic: a student is assigned a login and password identity to access secure information such as an online class or school portal.

The student is granted this access through an admissions process.

Institutions should be proactive in implementing the authentication requirements as a way to protect themselves from fraud, and to make sure their processes are in line with federal requirements, which Title IV funding may eventually be tied to.

In their rush to enter the online market, many institutions didn’t do their due diligence to protect themselves from risk, like they would have for a bricks-and-mortar extension.

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