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She later moved to Los Angeles, where she began to see work on several television shows, including Spin City and 24.Her first big break came when she was cast as Tami Taylor, the coach’s wife, in NBC’s Friday Night Lights.But at present, she's been highlighted for her personal life.Because everybody wants to know if she is dating anyone after her divorce.Thought they are not together anymore, the actress keeps using her married name as her stage name, so what happened between them? She majored in Asian Studies at Dartmouth College and went to Beijing for a summer abroad.

In 1995 she kick started her career after auditioning for The Brothers Mc Mullen.If you think that Connie hiding her boyfriend, then let us know from the comment section.Connie Britton, Source: Born on Constance Elaine Womack, Connie Britton's dating life was brought back into the spotlight while talking all about her kid. The premier of #JETT which is the thrilling collaboration of 2 of my best friends @carlagugino and Sebastian Gutierrez, along with an amazing cast. Would you donate a dollar to @Sen Gillibrand to ensure that she is part of the conversation? Thanks to all who came out (and flew in from the south...y’all know who you… With so many strong candidates out there we need to make sure we hear from all of them in the debates.

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