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After all, Williams is coming off a season in which he posted his lowest PER (17.6) since his second year in the NBA and his fewest points (14.3) and assists (6.1) per game since his rookie year.Additionally, Williams is owed million over the next three years, which means that the Rockets would essentially be “capped out” for the remainder of Harden and Howard’s current contracts.The Rockets were also said to be interested in Williams heading into his 2012 free agency.

2.) Keep both Lin and Asik on the roster going into next season. The highest upside of those three paths would seem to be No. The Rockets cited injuries and a lack of continuity as being behind many of their inconsistencies in 2013-14, and delaying the arrival of the team’s next big piece would also defer the integration period with Harden and Howard.

Below a poster that the Utah Jazz sold of Deron Williams a few years later .

The photo is airbrushed, there is no earring and the photographer seemed to find the perfect photo to distract the eye from his many tattoos.

Deron Williams first burst onto the scene as the point guard of the University of Illinois.

In 2005, Williams’ Illini captured City of Chicago’s interest as their team made it all to the NCAA Finals.

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