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"He will eventually be arrested and I'm sure the judge will throw the book at him ." Do you think you should be arrested for bullying and stalking and flirting with little?

With the Miami Heat, Wade won three NBA championships in 2006, 2012, and 2013.Just his picture alone gives me the creeps, He is very creepy looking."Re: Randy Charles Morin"That's real f*cked up.Something bazaar a crazy guy and that is what he will reap."Re: Randy Charles Morin" I wondered about him myself, you can clearly see he's in it for the money.you cannot admit your the one posting these things and anyone involved knows it's you and only you Randy are making lies and stories about people.You are always putting the blame on someone else, who is the coward? You making fun of special needs children isn't hurting someone? I go over there for laughs, and I usually get them, but some of that stuff is just plain hateful & hurtful, and makes me sick to my stomach imagining how the people that are being discussed may feel!

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