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Its Canadian Lifeboat Institution volunteer crew has reportedly undertaken some 600 maritime rescues since.Aided by corporate and individual donations, the vessel was refurbished and renamed Delta Lifeboat.It could be the next big thing for standup paddle boarders.

Such easy-to-master “sculling” is speedy and, for someone who accessed his Eagle Island home that way, ideal for rainy days.All the while, our Love Court jury watches their every move and when they least expect it, they are arrested and hauled off to Love Court.Which one of these perspective suitors will come out on top?CHANCE’S ENCOUNTERS: Showbiz has been very good to Adam Hurstfield, a.k.a. After an early R&B-hip-hop singing career in Mexico and Central America, he returned to Vancouver, set up as a music producer-director and recorded the likes of Elise Estrada who will headline the Albatross Music Festival here Sept. Now on three TV series, including multiple episodes of Ghost Wars, he’s on hold for a Disney starring role. That’s his and Aby Cervantes’ son Chance, who began screen-acting in 2011 at age four and, after pictures like Mark & Russell’s Wild Ride, Darc and Project MC2, is on a roll today.

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  1. , a story set in the 1960s, Ethan disclosed some interesting tidbits that occurred while filming an intimate scene with costar Regina Wan (萬茜), who portrays an army camp prostitute.