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Rating: Fanny & Alexander – based on Ingmar Bergman’s classic 1982 film – is set in 1907 and tells a story through the eyes of a young girl and boy whose family runs a theatre in a Swedish town.

The children’s father dies and life goes from a dream to a nightmare when their mother marries a cold, disciplinarian bishop.

Fahey appeared as daredevil Dutch the Clutch in an episode of Psych at the beginning of the third season of the show.

Fahey played Frank Lapidus, the airplane and helicopter pilot of the research team sent to the island in Lost, as a recurring character in the fourth and fifth seasons, and as a regular character in the sixth season.

In 1985, he received his first major role in film, playing Tyree in Silverado.

Jeffrey David Fahey (born November 29, 1952) is an American film and television actor.

He has portrayed Captain Frank Lapidus on the ABC series Lost and the title role of Deputy Marshal Winston Mac Bride on The Marshal.

As a result, he sounds like John Gielgud caught in a pub fight.

Anne-Marie Duff’s Lady Macbeth forms a sort of partnership with Kinnear but it’s oddly uninvolving.

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